What is the SoundPuddle?

The SoundPuddle is an interactive space of visual-acoustic synesthesia. This spectrographically colorful dome creates color and light from sound, illuminating every noise you make on an immersive canopy of light. You will laugh, shout, and sing as thousands of solar powered LEDs unify your ears and eyes.

Sound Synesthesia is the experience of “seeing” sound in shape and color. This mixing of the senses can open our perception of patterns and relationships in sounds. We can see the geometric and harmonic differences between voices and instruments. The SoundPuddle's light patterns are direct visualizations of the sound spectrum heard through its microphone, expanding your senses of reality. This is a space for exploring and playing with the science of sound.


This unique art piece was first created for the Apogaea Festival -- a collaborative outdoor arts and music event that is held in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Partial funding from an Apogaea art grant provided a starting point for developing what may be the world's only room-size immersive sound spectrum visualizer.

Its primary structure is 24 foot (7.25m) wide dome - large enough to fit a band and their gear, yet small enough for a single person to play and explore. The SoundPuddle will visit many more events over the next several years, and along the way its technology will be further developed and shared with the world through open source software.